Healthcare Consulting

We help leaders in public and private healthcare to make great decisions on the design and delivery of healthcare programs in Africa.

The Semacraft team has a combined experience of more than 30 years in healthcare practice in East Africa with extensive experience in Accident & Emergency, Risk management, policy development, workplace wellness and service innovation.


Our practice brings valuable experience and insights to hospital administrators and organizations seeking improvements to their services or behavior change in the workforce for improved wellness and health outcomes. Through some of our proprietary tools we provide immediately deployable insights for innovation in:

  • New technologies for more efficient healthcare delivery and the business changes necessary to leverage them for growth.
  • Improvement of customer experience for better customer retention
  • Behavior change for better health outcomes in patients in staff
  • Deeper understanding of the customer and what changes can be made to create highly defensible market share through service innovation.


Some of our recent work involves developing a new model for delivery of maternal and child care services for expectant mothers in sub-Sahara Africa's emerging middle class.