Mobile Telecommunications

How do leaders ensure their organizations can exploit the potential of 700 million cellular subscriptions in Africa? We work with them to find new opportunities to create revenue streams that didn't exist before.

In many parts of Africa, mobile telephony leapfrogged terrestrial wireline infrastructure in a few short years clearly demonstrating the nascent demand for communication services that lay untapped. With subscriber numbers rapidly approaching 1 billion, Africa is the fastest growing telecommunications market in the world. It is also very competitive.


Foreign telecommunications firms have learned valuable, and many times expensive, lessons about how the African consumer behaves around communication and the impact pricing has on adoption and average revenue per user (ARPU). In a now highly commodified landscape, we provide the expertise leaders and their organizations need to understand how consumers manage on irregular income, what kind of content they consume and how to tailor new products and services for them. These insights can inform the design of new services for consumers and result in new or improved revenue streams for services providers.